The Point at Opito prime private coastal property for sale


After nearly 40 years the old fella is calling it a day, he is hanging up his hat, planning to wash the old farm ute and hitch the caravan up and start exploring this beautiful country he has heard so much about. The land is ingrained under his finger nails and even though it is difficult to let go he is putting up his last remaining three blocks for tender. His connection to the land will never leave him, in fact, the caravan has The Last Muster splashed across the back and a roll of honour of all his working dogs, 28 in total is also on the back of the caravan.

If you see the caravan parked up somewhere, call in and have a yarn, he loves to have a yarn and while you're there check on the side of the caravan the Roll Call of all the Good Bastards he has met - thats blokes and sheilas and there is even one politician on there. Whats the odds of that 28 dogs and 1 politician, and thats all I will say about that. Shortly, after 70 years and two generations of breeding Hereford cattle, they will go under the hammer along with a long list of sundries. The old fella is bloody serious and yes the property has been marketed in parts before but this time it is on the market and as the old fella has said many times at the sale yards when the bids are coming in, he came here to sell and he is here to meet the market.